"Dr. Harnish has been my chiropractor for 22 years! 20 years ago I injured my low back and had to have surgery to remove the part of my disc that was bad! Dr harnish has continued to treat my entire back since and I feel great!"

~ Dorothy

"I suffered from severe back pain daily for almost 20 years and I tried everything. My husband, who after several years of suffering from back and shoulder pain and arm numbness started to see Dr. Harnish and was feeling a lot better so he finally convinced me to give it a try! Thank the lord I did cause after 3 months I was 75% consistently better and now I am 99% pain free."

~ Cindy

"I suffered from severe neck and back pain and was treated at least 2 times a week or more for 6 months with a little temporary relief. I work hard all day and stand on concrete a lot! My friend kept nagging me to try her Chiropractor and after 2 months I was 75% consistently better and now after 4 months I am 90% consistently better."

~ Ron

"I suffered from foot pain for 3 years and tried 3 different podiatrist! I even was put in a walking cast for several months with no relief, I of course ended up with low back and hip pain from limping all the time. Dr Harnish adjusted my foot and also worked on my back and in 6 weeks my foot pain was 90% better and so was my back and hip!"

~ Richard

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